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Living with Diabetes

Rachel, Wilde Lake HS, Class of 2020

A simple kindergarten check-up changed Rachel's life forever. Managing Type 1 Diabetes has resulted in greater self-discipline and tremendous persistance.

Audio Transcript

My kindergarten check-up with my pediatrician changed my life forever. I left Doctor Landrum’s office with my mom and headed straight for Howard County General Emergency. Once there, I was quickly given insulin to bring down my sky high blood sugar. This would be the first of many shots needed to manage my disease.

My name is Rachel and in May of 2007 I was diagnosed with type-one diabetes or T1D for short. As a five year old, I had no idea what this diagnosis meant. My parents would be my lifesavers and still continue to watch over my health and safety while living with diabetes. I have learned great responsibility while managing this disease. I have learned how to count carbohydrates, dose myself the correct insulin and, most importantly, how to read my body and make the necessary adjustments to treat a high or low blood sugar. If I’m high, I need more insulin and water. Being low means I need a sugar source. Juice works best.

I also have to make sure my friends are aware so they can help if needed. Having type one diabetes has taught me self discipline and the importance of routines with proper food choices.

I know that this disease doesn’t define me. It’s just one aspect that makes me the person I am today.

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