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My Influential HCPSS Teacher

Whitney Hogan, Special Educator/Author - Waterloo ES

An influential HCPSS teacher led Whitney to pursue her passion in special education.

Being an Educator/Author is an honor! I absolutely love what I do! As a kid, I knew that I wanted to help people and to make them feel loved. Being a Special Educator is one of the most amazing careers in the world. All students have the ability to learn. My students are amazing and I am honored to serve them.

Prior to becoming an Educator, I was a Hairstylist. Although, I loved that career, my passion for children with disabilities was calling me. As a kid, I had some of the best Educators. One of my favorites was Mr. MacGregor from Mayfield Woods Middle.

My love for Social Studies began with him but more importantly how he made me feel was influential. He may never know this but he truly helped me. On the outside, I was a happy go lucky girl. On the inside I was depressed and had a very low self esteem. I felt like I was not valuable. Mr. MacGregor made a point to speak to me and ask me how I was doing daily. Such a small gesture but meant the world to me. It showed me that someone cared about me, I was in fact valuable.

Because of Mr. MacGregor, I make a point to engage with my students daily.

I learn about what they like and try to implement that in my instruction. I love on them and make sure they feel valuable. I would not be the Educator/Author I am today without excellent Educators, one of them being Mr. MacGregor from Mayfield Woods Middle.

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