Students and Staff Respond: "What's Shaped You?"

Two People Who Changed My Path

James LeMon, Executive Director of Community, Parent and School Outreach

From a cafeteria worker to a football coach, you never know who will be that person that will impact a child and change their lives.

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Teaching is More Than a Job, It’s a Calling

Niklas Berry, Social Studies Teacher, Oakland Mills HS

Growing up in multiple cultures, Mr. Berry's students left him wondering if he chose to be a teacher or if there were deeper cultural reasons for his choice profession.

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See the ABLE, not the LABEL

Jodi Bahrijczuk, Regional ALS Special Educator, Elkridge Landing MS

As a student in Howard County public schools, Jodi experienced teachers that taught her to embody the mindset of reaching her full potential no matter what challenges she may face.

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This Six-Word Story Changes as Focus Becomes Student-Centered

Linda Murveit, Minc-fl teacher / RECC ITL, Atholton ES

Linda alters her six-word story from "Young girl starts school already broken," to something far different by listening to her students.

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Collaboration Changed my Perspective - and This Student's Future

Jane Jung-Potter, Program Head of Physical Therapy

Regina, a student with cerebral palsy, and her mother Colette demonstrated the influence that teammwork can have on a student's future.