Students Respond: "What's Shaped You?"

All Grown Up

Grace, Long Reach HS, Class of 2020

Shaped by an immigrant father who scratched and clawed to provide his daughter with the life that he never had, Grace has developed a very clear perspective of what is truly important.

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Friendship and Resiliency Through Cheer

Taylor, Long Reach HS, Class of 2020

There's a whole world of cheer that very few people know about: All Star Cheer. This level of competition is tough, but it teaches you a lot about hard work and the importance of teamwork.


Zhuoyuan (Peter), Marriotts Ridge High School, Class of 2020

New friendships are cultivated by shared interests, experiences, and worm-throwing adventures.

Standing on a Small Island Alone

Aileen, Marriotts Ridge HS, Class of 2020

Coming to a new school, with new students and teachers, in an new country is a daunting proposition, especially when you don't speak a word of English.

Jaw Surgery

Josephine, Marriotts Ridge HS, Class of 2020

A surgery is a very scary experience. Especially when you are unable to communicate pain, discomfort, or needs. The power of a loving family sure helps navigate the windy road to recovery.